The Eco Witch Co. gift boxes allow you to customise and bespoke the perfect gift for your loved one this festive season.


The Spellcaster Box invites the recipient to create a magickal space in their home through the use of smoke cleansing and candle light. Use your incense sticks to waft the scented smoke about your home to re-set the space's energy and burn your candles to invite calm and tranquility inside.


In The Spellcaster Box you will find:


1 x candle of your choosing - Please specify the scent by writing 'Candle:' followed by your choice in the box below. Please also select the correct option from the drop down menu for the size you would prefer. It may be a good idea to refer to the candle collection page on my website to browse all of my scents if you are not familiar. 



1 x Set of 12 tealights - Again, please write which scent you would like in the same box as the one you will be writing your candle scent in - specify by writing 'Tealights:' followed by the scent. You can see all of the tealights available in the final image.


1 x Set of Satya Incense Sticks - I have 5 options available. Please refer to the final image to see which scents I have on offer and write your choice in the box along with your candle scent choices.


Please also use the final box to give me the recipients name (this will be stamped on the label that is tied to the parcel with twine) and please also provide me with a personal message that I can write out on the gift note (if you do not wish to do this then please leave a note saying so!).


The gift box will be packaged in a 10 x 8 x 6 n cardboard box, lined with green tissue and filled with shredded paper which will provide the cushioning for your items. Dried rose petals and orange slices will be embedded in the paper to provide a little extra magick for the recipient when opening. An information sheet will also be included in the box along with a candle safety sheet. On the info sheet I will handwrite which options for each of the products you chose.


Finally, your gift box will come beautifully presented like the one in the photo meaning that you can simply place it straight under the tree once you have received it - hopefully reducing some of the stress that can come with gift-purchasing at this time of year!

The Spellcaster Box | Gift Box

  • The postage has been included in the price of your gift box. Each gift box will be shipped separately using 1st Class shipping. If you are just purchasing a gift box/es then all additional postage paid at checkout will be refunded. If you are purchasing additional items from the shop at the same time, any postage paid over the amount needed to ship those items will be refunded once your order has been dispatched.