Return of the Sun | Seasonal Soy Spell Candle

Return of the Sun | Seasonal Soy Spell Candle

Following the, sometimes gloomy months of Winter, the Return of the Sun candle is a reminder of the slow transition we are now making into the brighter part of the year. In order to reflect the fact that trees and flowers are not quite ready to fully bloom just yet, this candle is scented with soothing notes of vanilla, clove and eucalyptus to carry you through the final days of cold weather before we begin to see the Spring sun again. Atop this candle is a mix of spruce and eucalyptus, as well as calming chamomile – a Sun herb. Your candle has been poured using soy wax, and has been scented with a blend of vegan and cruelty-free fragrance oils.


Each candle is decorated with a hand-sculpted/painted clay charm and a sprig of spruce.


Burn time for each candle is approximately 25 hours.


Burning your candle:

  • For Botanical Intention candles, prior to lighting, make sure all herbs are pushed away from the wick so that the flame will not catch them.
  • The first time you burn your candle, allow enough time for the melt pool to reach the edge of the container (this can take up to 4 hours). This should prevent your candle from tunnelling during future use.
  • Always trim the wick to approximately 6mm before lighting.
  • Do not leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • Do not leave a burning candle close to anything that could catch fire.
  • Do not leave a burning candle in the way of an open window or drafts.
  • Discontinue use when the wax reaches approximately 10mm from the base of the container.