Welcome in the frosty days with Misty Woodlands - with base and heart notes of deep, woody and aromatic cedarwood, clove and balsamic notes of eucalyptus along with top notes of sweet orange. Each scent plays in harmony with one another as your candle slowly burns creating a green, wintry and warming scent perfect for the coming chilly days. This is a spicy and full-bodied aromatic fragrance - perfect for those who enjoy rich, spicy scents.


Each tealight is topped with a single fern leaf.


Beautifully presented in a cardboard box with shredded kraft paper with 6 tealights across two levels. Finished off with a simple kraft label.


The perfect gift option, or, if buying for yourself, way to stock up on your favorite scented tealights.


Make sure to push all herbs away from the wick prior to lighting.

Misty Woodlands Tealights