Introducing each member of the Samhain range of handmade incense holders...


For this month's holiday collection, I have created two miniature cauldrons which will not only look perfect in your magickal space at Samhain/Halloween, but will also serve a practical purpose of holding your incense sticks all year around.


I have made both cauldrons by handsculpting them using air-dry clay, handpainting them and then finally varnishing each for a glossy finish. Each and every one of my incense holders are completely unique including these two which are brand new for this years spooky season. There is a incense stick hole through the top of the cauldron where your incense stick sits at an angle allowing the ash to drop off onto a plate or bowl below. 


The measurements for each of the Cauldrons are as follows:


Orange and Black Stripe: Approx. 3.5 cm high x 4.5 cm width

Green and Purple Stripe: Approx 3.5 cm high x 4.5 cm width


Your mini cauldron incense holder will come packaged in a small kraft box along with some white tissue. The lid of the box is stamped with the name of the handmade item and I will also include a care card secured to the top with twine.


Please note: these clay items are handmade completely from scratch. Any obvious flaws will always be included in the describtion however generally these pieces will have a handmade quality to them - I hope the new owner will be able to appreciate this as part of their charm considering they started their lives in the form of a block of clay!


Caring for your handmade item...


  • This handmade item has been created from air dry clay so please make sure to handle it with care.
  • The paintwork has been sealed with a varnish however I would recommend not leaving in direct sunlight to ensure it does not fade/discolour.
  • These magickal handmade pieces are delicate so please handle as you would ceramic pieces.

Mini Cauldron | Handmade Incense Holder