Magickal Herb Pouches

Magickal Herb Pouches


These jute herb pouches have been filled with dried herbs, sewn up and then decorated with additional herb, before being annointed with some essential oil for a little boost.


You may choose from:


Lavender (decorated with lavender sprig): filled with lavender and rose petals, annointed with lavender essential oil


Rose (decorated with rose bud and bay leaf): filled with lavender and chamomile, annointed with rose geranium essential oil


Orange (decorated with orange slice and cinnamon stick): filled with alfalfa and cloves, anointed with clove bud and red thyme essential oil.


Place these pouches in drawers, your wardrobe or in your magickal space. You may wish to use them in a similar way to spell jars and charm bags by imbuing them with a specific intention.


Each pouch is fully sewn up so that the inside herbs do not spill out, also this way you can safely remove the twine incase you wish to tie it around something to hang your herb pouch up. Gently crush the herbs inside the pouch to release their aroma, and feel free to anoint the pouch with additional essential oil every time you feel it needs a little boost!