Herbal Brew Cauldron Incense Holder (+ incense of choice)

Herbal Brew Cauldron Incense Holder (+ incense of choice)


This miniature cauldron incense holder has been sculpted from air-dry clay, handpainted and then varnished.


It is pale blue and features darker blue leafy stems around its edges, silver handle and then a herbal potion which can be seen from the top where the incense stick is placed.


This piece measures 4.5 x 4.5 cm at its widest points.


Don't forget to write the incense fragrance you would like in the custom text field - you will receive 1 box of Satya incense in your scent of choice. Fragrances are: Rose, Rosemary, Patchouli, Oodh, Lavender.


Caring for your handmade item (care card will be included in parcel):

Please note, these incense holders are handmade and so very delicate. I recommend you handle them with care as they are made from air-dry clay. I have varnished each one however in not handling them carefully, you could possibly chip the paintware. I also suggest leaving them out of direct sunlight so as to not fade the paintwork over time. But most importantly, enjoy them!