Herb Wands | Plant Magick

Herb Wands | Plant Magick


These herb wands have been created using homegrown herbs. 


Each is adorned with a handmade clay charm which connects to the choice of herbs I have chosen for each.


You may select from the following:


Pentacle Magick: This wand consists of dried sage, rosemary and lavender. It is a combination of herbs that I consider protective hence the choice of the pentacle charm.


Dream Magick: This wand consists of only lavender however it is a mix of the english and french varieties. As lavender has long been considered powerful for its relaxation and calming properties, this wand is adorned with a deep blue and gold charm which features a crescent moon and stars - symbolic of dreams and sleep.


Earth Magick: This final wand consists of french lavender, thyme and sage. This wand is adorned with a charm that features the earth element symbol as I consider this particular wand a perfect combination of both protective but also prosperity-associated herbs, such as thyme.


I have made these wands to be displayed as they have been made - if you choose to burn the herbs, I suggest you remove all twine and charms beforehand and instead replace the twine with thin cotton thread. Make sure to take all safety precautions before lighting if you do choose to do this. If displaying, best to keep these out of direct sunlight so that the herbs (in particular, lavender) do not fade.