Handpainted Magickal Wall Hangings

Handpainted Magickal Wall Hangings


These magickal wall hangings have been sculpted from air-dry clay, handpainted and then varnished. Each is unique with a different story to tell...


The Witch's Cauldron (left in first photo)

A cauldron sits at the centre of this plate, overflowing with ivy leaves. Chamomile and berries leap out of the cauldron giving a hint at the brew that is being concocted inside. I painted this plate with the green and hedge witch in mind - a collector of plants and herbs, brewing potions in the forest. It measures approximately 9.5 cm in diameter. 


Taking Flight (middle offirst photo)

Tiny painted Fly Agaric mushrooms surround this plate with a 3-d sculpted broom at the centre to create the illusion that it is leaping out of the surface This beautifully intricate piece is perfect for the cottage witch or for those that just love traditional folklore and classic images of the Witch that have travelled through the centuries. It measures approximately 8 cm in diameter however the broomstick measures approximately 9.5 cm long.


Herbal Brew (right in first image)

For those that love tea, this sweet little plate features snowdrops, chamomile and fern leaves in the background, with a large brass teapot in the front. Surrounded by a border of gold stars and moons, this plate would look perfect hung in the kitchen for those that love to include magick in their everyday cookery. Measures approximately 9 cm in diameter.


Each plate has been strung on sturdy, thick twine which has been cut to a longer length so that you can adjust it however you need.


Caring for your handmade item (care card will be included in parcel):

Please note, these plates are handmade and so very delicate. I recommend you handle them with care as they are made from air-dry clay. I have varnished each plate however in not handling them carefully, you could possibly chip the paintware. I also suggest leaving them out of direct sunlight so as to not fade the paintwork over time. But most importantly, enjoy them!