Introducing the new range of handmade spellbook incense holders...


Book of Plant Spells:

This spellbook’s content is under lock and key as was the wishes of the green witch who created it. Now the new owner will have access to a wealth of knowledge on magick that utilises the many powerful botanicals that we encounter in our everyday lives.


The spellbook incense holders have been handsculpted using air-dry clay, handpainted and then finally varnished. Each and every one is completely unique. There is a incense stick hole through the top of each book where your incense sits at an angle allowing the ash to drop off into a plate of bowl below. 


Each incense holder is slightly smaller than the palm of my hand and fit neatly into their 6 x 6 cm kraft boxes. They will come presented in a box with some shredded kraft paper and dried rose petals before being tied up with cream string. Each spellbook incense holder will have its 'lore' attached to the box making them the absolute perfect gift or just a fun collectible item if you are treating yourself!


Please note: these clay items are handmade completely from scratch. Any obvious flaws will always be included in the describtion however generally these pieces will have a handmade quality to them - I hope the new owner will be able to appreciate this as part of their charm considering they started their lives in the form of a block of clay!


Caring for your handmade item...


  • This handmade item has been created from air dry clay so please make sure to handle it with care.
  • The paintwork has been sealed with a varnish however I would recommend not leaving in direct sunlight to ensure it does not fade/discolour.
  • These magickal handmade pieces are delicate so please handle as you would ceramic pieces.

Book of Plant Spells | Handmade Incense Holder