This blue teapot has been handsculpted with clay before being handpainted and varnished. It includes many intricate handpainted details such as dark blue polka dots, a tiny fly agaric mushroom surrounded by a scalloped frame as well as a red leaf vine which surrounds the "lid" of the teapot. It is accompained by a miniature robin figure which sits proudly on the handle. The base of the piece has been left unpainted so that I could sign it with my signature.


There is a hole for incense to be placed meaning that this handmade piece can serve a pratical use as well. I like to offer customers of my handmade incense holders a complimentary box of incense to accompany their purchase so please make sure to let me know which scent you would like using the box below.


This piece measure s 6.8cm in height by 10cm across at its widest points.


The piece will arrive safely in a small box adorned with white string, and a wax seal and filled with shredded kraft paper (see photo).

Blue Mushroom Teapot Incense Holder with Robin | Handmade Clay Magick

  • This is a handmade piece and therefore should be handled with care. It is not heat-proof so I would not recommend burning tealights in it - it is simply for storing your favorite possessions!

    Each of my handmade works are sealed with varnish however the could still chip if handled without enough care. I would also recommend you do not leave this piece in the way of bright direct sunlight as it could effect the colours.

    I sometimes use re-used bubble wrap to protect my handmade items further during the delivery process - please feel free to store it once you have unwrapped your piece to use again.